Positive Behaviour Support

School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

West Northam Primary School began implementing Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) in 2012. Being a PBS school means that instead of focusing on ‘managing student behaviour’, we focus on acknowledging and rewarding positive behaviour in the school community. Students are taught explicitly in class what our school behaviour expectations are so that they know what is expected in any situation; with the aim of building school pride and a positive school culture where students take responsibility for the decisions they make.

Each fortnight, the school has focus behaviours taken from our Behaviour Matrix, which contains all the expected behaviours of students at West Northam Primary School. The behaviours on our Behaviour Matrix come under our three school values of Respect, Responsibility and Self-control.

Students are given deadlies (tokens) for positive behaviour which then go into a raffle where students can win a prize at Rocket Assembly each Friday. 

The PBS Leadership Team meet each term to review the implementation of PBS, using student surveys and behaviour data to make changes where necessary. 

In 2018, West Northam Primary School implemented the 1 2 3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program alongside PBS to further encourage positive behaviour choices. We recognise that students will make behaviour errors, and the 1 2 3 Magic and Emotion Coaching program gives teachers options of how to manage an undesirable behaviour by…

  1. Ignoring
  2. Emotion Coaching
  3. Counting (using a 3 tier system and consequences for continued poor behaviour choices).