School Chaplain

About our Chaplain

My name is Sheralee James and I am the Chaplain at West Northam Primary school.

My role in the school is to provide extra support to students, staff and parents as needed, such as:

  • assist with the Breakfast Club each morning;
  • run indoor activities with the kids during recess and lunch;
  • provide one on one support to students, staff and parents;
  • assist students in the classroom supporting their learning.

If you would like to arrange a time to catch up with me one on one or if you would like to refer your child to me for some extra one on one support please feel free to contact me at the school on 9621 5600.

I am located in Room 8 and I work on:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 8.15am to 2.45pm
  • Friday mornings from 8.15am-11.15am.

I very much enjoy my role at the school as a Chaplain and I look forward to meeting you.