School Chaplain

About our Chaplain

Who is our school chaplain? 

Mrs Sheryl O’Sullivan is our school chaplain. Her office is in the MOASH building, near the staff carpark.

When is Mrs O at the school?

Every Wednesday and Thursday. She also likes to attend special events such as sports carnivals.

How do people (students or adults) meet with the chaplain?

Students can meet with the chaplain during lunch or recess. Parents can drop in but it’s best to phone the school to make an appointment to make sure there is time available.

What does our chaplain do?

Chaplains in each school are different. They use their personal skills and experience to serve the whole school community, from students and staff to families. A typical day for our chaplain might be a bit of time in a classroom helping students one on one, listening to a student who has something to share, providing a quiet space at recess or lunch. She may also be found leading a community circle group in class on a topical theme, or taking photos for the school during special events!

Mrs O’Sullivan also manages the School Breakfast Club which runs every school day. Breakfast Club is a good place to start the day, with a healthy breakfast and a catch up with friends. 

Other things the chaplain does include linking families with community support, helping kids through tough times, celebrating good times, being a shoulder to lean on and a hand to high five.  She also has a small library of parenting books available for loan. 

What about God stuff?

While our chaplain is involved with one particular church in town, she has links with all the other churches. Most churches in Northam are active supporters of chaplaincy. From time to time, questions of faith come up. The chaplain will always respect people’s right to their own view. The chaplain does not teach Christian education but may be asked for a Christian view on a situation or event.

Parenting Centre

Our school has a Parent Centre which is available for appointments with specialists such as OT or speech therapy. Mothers’ Morning Teas are hosted fortnightly by the chaplain to help mums connect with each other and find friendship and support. (Toddlers are welcome).

Tell us more about the chaplain…

Sheryl O’Sullivan is married with 4 grown up children and 18 grandchildren. (This doesn’t mean she is old!) The family came to Northam in 1989 and the eldest children began school at West Northam PS. For many years she taught CRE in the primary schools of Northam. She has also been a children’s pastor and after school club leader. She has a Diploma of Christian Ministry with a focus on children. She has also done training in children’s counselling (although not a qualified counsellor).

Mrs O’Sullivan’s favourite things to do when she’s not hanging out at school are travel, play in her crafty space, write, take photos, eat out and spend time with her awesome grandkids. Our chaplain loves to meet people and welcomes anyone to come and have a chat about anything at all!