Contributions and Charges

School voluntary Contributions are determined by the Education Act as ‘voluntary’ and cannot exceed $60.00. Money raised from school contributions goes towards the cost of materials, services and facilities used by K-6 students in the educational program. School Contributions are separate from school charges. They are requested for payment on the school term account. A breakdown for 2024 can be found in the following link.

Payment can be made directly to the office or seal the money in an envelope, with the child’s name and class, (or names and classes) written clearly on it and send it to the class teacher of the oldest child in the family.  Payment of the fees early in first term is appreciated and will help the school to quickly establish its budgetary priorities.                         

Contributions and Charges schedule

The Contributions and Charges for 2024 have been finalised and endorsed by the School Council.

Contributions:   $20.00 per child


Estimated maximum costs for charges in 2024

PP-61Swimming Lessons(Subsidised by the school)$35.00
 4-6 2Interschool Football/Netball$10.00
All Year Levels1,2 & 3Interschool Swimmingand Sports Carnivals$10.00
 All Year Levels 1-4Excursions$30.00
64Graduation Excursions$50.00