Student Services

School Nurse

School Health Services are focussed on working with children, families and classroom teachers for the early detection of health and development issues which may impede health, wellbeing and school achievement. Care provided to individual children and their families may entail assessment, brief intervention, health information, referral, monitoring and support.

The School Nurse does The School Entry Health Assessment Program with all kindergarten students, and Pre Primary students attending school for the first time, which includes the following: 

  • Vision, hearing and ear health screening for children as required.
  • Growth assessment, including of Body Mass Index (if requested by parent/carer).
  • Oral health assessment using the Lift the Lip program.
  • Targeted screening of any child for whom there is an identified concern regarding development.
  • Assessment and/or support for other health concerns as indicated by parent or teacher, such as behaviour and bed-wetting.

Dental Therapy Clinic

Located at Northam Primary School, this service is provided free to children. Enrolment in the scheme is voluntary and children will only be treated with parental consent.

Parents are advised that children should complete any current course of treatment at a private dentist before enrolling in the scheme. The Dental Officer directs and supervises all activities of the dental therapist.

A basic role of the dental therapist is to provide actual dental care and treatment as well as instruction in personal health care.

The Public Health Department sees the Dental Therapy Centre as providing a service of regular inspection and repair of decayed teeth, as well as preventative measures, such as: application of fluoride solutions, fissure seals, checking of dietary habits and tooth brushing efficiency.  Any treatment not provided in or through the Dental Therapy Centre is the financial responsibility of the parents.  

Illness and Accidents

A child who becomes ill at school will be made as comfortable as possible whilst arrangements are made for parents/carers to come and take them home. It is essential that relevant details on our system are kept up to date, e.g. emergency contact numbers and addresses.

PLEASE NOTE: A child who is sick is better off at home. The school does not have a medical room or the facilities to cope with sick children.

A staff member will treat minor accidents. Should the accident be regarded as serious and parent contact is not possible, medical treatment will be given as per the information on the Admission Card.


If a student requires medication whilst at school, parents/carers are required to complete medical permission forms. These are a Department of Education requirement and MUST be completed before any medication can be kept at the school or given. The school WILL NOT give a student medication without this form. These permission forms need to be updated every year or if there is any change to medication.