Reading with your child

Tips on hearing your child read

As parents you are your child’s most influential teacher with an important part to play in helping your child to learn to read.

Here are some suggestions on how you or other family members can help to make this a positive experience.

1. Choose a quiet time to read with no distractions.

2. Make reading an enjoyable experience by sitting with your child and showing interest.

3. Maintain the flow. Allow your child to have a go at unknown words, but assist when they are struggling to sound out a word.

4. Be positive and praise your child’s efforts. 

5. Success is the key. Allow your child to read a book they feel comfortable reading. If your child chooses a book that is too hard for them, read it with or to them. 

6. Visit the Library for a range of books

7. Read every night together. 

9. Talk about the books with your child. For example, what is happening, the characters, pictures, predict the ending etc. 

10. Allow your child to read a variety of reading materials. For example, comics, novels, picture books, poems, reports etc.